Word of Life 2014-2015

The teen staff and I are excited about the many opportunities your teen will have to grow closer to Christ by being involved with the teen ministry here at Monclova Road Baptist Church. Word of Life has revamped several of their staple ministry events. Teens Involved is now called Engage and will have a slightly different focus and purpose. Superbowl is now called Reverb and will offer your students the same opportunity to invite friends to an all-night event designed to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We realize that your teen needs YOUR support, encouragement and example to grow spiritually and stand for the faith. Will you be a Godly example this year and encourage your teenager to be personally involved in ministry through the teen group here at MRBC?

Our theme for the 2014-15 year is The Holy Spirit: The Doctrine of Pneumatology. Each Wednesday night or Sunday night your teen will be learning about this important doctrine from the Word of God. The 11:50 ministry will be directed by Pastor Paul and will meet on SUNDAY NIGHTS this year from 5:45p-7:15p. The 8:53 ministry will also be under the direction of Pastor Paul and will continue to meet on Wednesday Nights. We are excited to announce that Ms. Shannen Arnett, Mr. Ben Keiser, and Mr. and Mrs. Justin Hamaker will be joining the Cre8ive Discipleship teen staff; and Mr. Jordan Cramer and Mr. Phil Simon will be joining the Ministry Team staff.

For teen Sunday school, our entire teen group will meet together on Sunday morning for songs and announcements at 9:30 A.M. After the opening exercises, we will move to separate Sunday school classes designed for age-appropriate learning: 11:50 girls, taught by Mrs. Tatianne O’Bradovic; 11:50 guys, taught by Pastor Paul; 8:53 girls, taught by Amy Kautz and Heidi Ross; and 8:53 guys, taught by Mr. Ken Kautz and Mr. Ken McKenzie.

We hope you realize that we have your teens best interests at heart and desire for them to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our desire is to come along side of you as a parent and help instruct, guide, discipline, and love your teenager. Please know that throughout the year, our teen staff will be praying for you and your teen to be more like Christ.


Summer camp for the teen ministry will be in Schroon Lake, New York, on Word of Life Island and at Word of Life Ranch. We typically leave on a Saturday morning, travel to Schroon Lake, spend the night at a host church, attend church on Sunday morning, and then check into camp that afternoon. We will return on the following Saturday. All graduates are welcome to attend summer camp in the summer following graduation.

Information Booklet

An information booklet is available for all 7th-12th grade teens and parents! In this booklet you will find a schedule of activities and a teaching schedule for Sunday school, the 11:50 teen service, and the 8:53 teen service. Ask Pastor Paul for your copy today so you can review the info and mark your calendar. Please encourage your student to participate in as many events as possible. The schedule included in this booklet for teen events is flexible and may change. If changes need to take place, we will keep you updated through the Teen Connection which is printed each Sunday morning and posted on the Teen Connection page.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Paul at 419-866-0773 or 419-344-5255.