Meeting Times

This summer we have had a great opportunity to make a slight change to our ministry in light of the current circumstances in which we find our ministry and in order to minister in the most effective way. In the past, we have always had our teen services on Wednesday nights. The 11:50 group has met in the teen room and the 8:53 has met in the church library. This has been the best-case scenario for our ministry for the past several years because it gave us the opportunity to minister to the needs of the teens in an age-appropriate way.

Due to the attendance in the 8:53 ministry, shifting of teen staff volunteers, and with the goal of providing Wednesday night ministry opportunities for the 11:50 teens, we have begun having an 11:50 teen service on Sunday nights in the teen room. This change in our services allows Pastor Paul to minister more closely with the 8:53 teens on Wednesday nights, allows the 8:53 teens to meet in and take advantage of the teen room, will help avoid conflicts that many 11:50 teens have with local school schedules, give the 11:50 teens an opportunity to minister on Wednesday night in various MRBC ministries, and help with the teen staff shifts that are occurring this summer.

  • The Sunday Night Teen service is designed for 11:50 teens (10th-12th grade students) only. It begins (during the summer) at 6:00 P.M. and ends at 7:15 P.M. 
  • The Wednesday Night Teen service is designed for 8:53 teens (7th-9th grade students) only. It begins (during the summer) at 7:00 P.M. and ends at 8:15 P.M.


Study Topics

Throughout the summer, we will be studying THREE different topical series. Each series will run for four weeks. Our topics will be:

  1. “The Tongue – How a Christian Should Use His Words”
  2. “CPR – Continual Personal Revival”
  3. “Authority – My Responsibility Toward My Authority.”

Each night will consist of snacks and Café time, sharing, teaching, and team competition all based on the specific series being taught.

Promotion & Sunday School

On the first Sunday of June, the 8:53 ministry welcomes in the new 7th grade students and the 11:50 ministry welcomes in the new 10th grade students.

Because the new 7th graders move into the 8:53 Teen Ministry, they are welcome (and encouraged) to attend summer camp with the Teen Ministry. However, if your 7th grade student would like to attend Junior Camp during this summer, he is more than welcome to attend camp with the junior campers.

Because the graduates will be moving out of the teen group, all graduates are encouraged to attend The ‘Clove Sunday school class at 9:30 A.M. (our college & career ministry). If, after attending The ‘Clove Sunday school class, your gradate would like to attend the 10:50 A.M. Teen Sunday school as well, he is welcome to do so throughout the summer. Out of respect for the college and career ministry, we would ask all graduates not to attend teen Sunday school at the expense of the college and career Sunday school. Since there is not a service on Sunday Night for the college and career, all graduates are welcome to attend the Sunday evening teen service throughout the summer.


Summer camp for the teen ministry will be in Schroon Lake, New York, on Word of Life Island and at Word of Life Ranch. We typically leave on a Saturday morning, travel to Schroon Lake, spend the night at a host church, attend church on Sunday morning, and then check into camp that afternoon. We will return on the following Saturday. All graduates are welcome to attend summer camp in the summer following graduation.

Information Booklet

An information booklet is available for all 7th-12th grade teens and parents! In this booklet you will find a schedule of activities and a teaching schedule for Sunday school, the 11:50 teen service, and the 8:53 teen service. Ask Pastor Paul for your copy today so you can review the info and mark your calendar. Please encourage your student to participate in as many events as possible. The schedule included in this booklet for teen events is flexible and may change. If changes need to take place, we will keep you updated through the Teen Connection which is printed each Sunday morning and posted on the Teen Connection page.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Paul at 419-866-0773 or 419-344-5255.