His Chosen Generation: The Teens of MRBC exists to help each teen discover his purpose as a Christian through practical steps of spiritual growth. We invite your teens to come be a part of us. They have been chosen!

Sunday School

Each Sunday morning, our entire teen group will meet together for songs and announcements at 10:50. After the opening service, they move to separate Sunday school classes in the following locations:

  • 8:53 (grades 7-9) Girls – G202
  • 8:53 (grades 7-9) Guys – G103
  • 11:50 (grades 10-12) Girls – G203
  • 11:50 (grades 10-12) Guys – Teen Room

Our Sunday school lessons will be derived from the weekly Quiet Time that we encourage all of our teens to purchase. Teens are encouraged to attend the 9:30 a.m. worship service before Sunday school each week. If they are unable to sit with their parents, they have the opportunity to sit in the “Teen Section” of the auditorium!

Wednesday Night

Our Wednesday evening teen service runs year-round. We use curriculum provided by Word of Life International. During the summer time, our program begins at 7:00 p.m. During the school year, our program begins at 6:45 p.m., and consists of ice breakers, announcements, snacks, worship, share time, and practical teaching from the Word of God. After the main message, teens have the opportunity to be involved in small Cre8tive Discipleship groups. This provides an atmosphere for discussion and accountability among the teens and teen staff. All Wednesday evening events end at 8:15 p.m.


Teens Grades 7-9 – Meeting Wednesday nights in the Church Library




Teens Grades 10-12 – Meeting Wednesday nights in the Teen Room

A Note from the Youth Pastor

“The Youth Staff and I are excited to begin a “New Year” in the teen group. The summer, with Teen Camp @ Chautauqua and Kings Island, Black Light Night and Survivor Doxazo were a lot of fun and we saw many first time visitors attend the teen group over the summer. Now that the summer is behind us, we are gearing up for a new year. This year your teen will have many opportunities to grow closer to Christ by being involved with the Teen Ministry here at Monclova Road Baptist Church. We realize that your teen needs YOUR support, encouragement and example to grow spiritually and stand for the faith. Will you be a Godly example this year and encourage your teenager to be personally involved in ministry through the teen group here at MRBC?

Our theme for the 2013-14 year is “Jesus Christ: The Doctrine of Christology.”  Each Wednesday Night, your teen will be learning about this important doctrine from the Word of God. The 11:50 ministry will be directed by Pastor Paul who will do the bulk of the teaching on Wednesday Nights. Mr. Jeff Arnett, Mr. Ken Kautz and Chris Shepherd will also be teaching occasionally. The 8:53 ministry will be under the direction of Mr. Kevin Sarver who will do the bulk of the teaching. Mr. Scott Patterson, Mr. Steve Fry and Mr. Ben Cramer will also be teaching occasionally. We are excited to announce that Ben and Hannah Cramer will re-join the teen staff again this year.

Each Sunday morning, our entire teen group will meet together for songs and announcements at 10:50a. After the opening exercises, we will move to separate Sunday school classes designed for age-appropriate learning: 11:50 girls, taught by Mrs. Tatianne O’Bradovic; 11:50 guys, taught by Pastor Paul; 8:53 girls, taught by Amy Kautz and Heidi Ross; and 8:53 guys, taught by Mr. Ken Kautz.

Our Sunday school curriculum will be in conjunction with the church wide study from Answers in Genesis. Once a month however, our Sunday school lesson will be shown via DVD as we study a series called “Living on the Edge: A proven pathway to become like Jesus.” We will study Romans 12 to discover what it means to truly be a Christian.

We hope you realize that we have your teen’s best interests at heart and desire for them to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our desire is to come along side of you as a parent and help instruct, guide, discipline and love your teenager. Please know that throughout the year, our youth staff will be praying for you and your teen to be more like Christ.


2 Timothy 3:15


WOL Local Church Ministries Page : http://lcm.wol.org

WOL Missionary Brandon Collins : http://brandoncollins.wol.org


For more information on the Teens of MRBC ministry please contact:

Pastor Paul O’Bradovic:

Youth Pastor

(419) 866-0773