The adult Bible classes at MRBC are designed to promote fellowship among believers and give in-depth Biblical training in a small-group setting. You are invited to attend any class on any Sunday morning!


8:30 Bible Class

Meeting in the Main Auditorium with Pastor Paul O’Bradvoic
Walk through the entire Bible in one year by studying in Sunday school. Pastor Paul will cover the major events and themes of the Bible from week to week.


9:30 Bible Class

Meeting in the Blue Auditorium with Pastor James Nixon
Engage in intriguing study on various Scriptural topics. Pastor Nixon adds wit and detail to each lesson to uncover important Biblical truths.


Young Believers’ Class (9:30 a.m.)

Meeting in Room G103 with Steve Goniea, Josh Rochon, and Jesse Winslow
If you are new to Christianity or would like a refresher in basic doctrines, this class is for you! I Peter 2:2 says to “desire the sincere milk of the word that you may grow thereby.” The goal of the young believers’ class is to assist new or young Christians in spiritual growth so that they will be ready for the “meat” of God’s Word as they grow in their faith.



10:50 Bible Class

Meeting in the Gymnasium
Come enjoy fellowship, refreshments, and practical Bible teaching. Each week you will experience solid lessons from God’s Word and application for every-day life.






Your Christian Walk (10:50 a.m.)

Meeting in Room N224 with Paul Hamaker
Be challenged in your walk with Christ each week through Bible/book studies. Paul Hamaker delivers straightforward Biblical truth and motivational teaching.