Connections is the couples ministry at MRBC. With the Bible as our map, we plan to know God more and to encourage men and women to be husbands and wives, fathers and mothers that will lead their family to Christ. Come build your marriage with us!

Sunday School

Sundays at 9:30 A.M. in the Community Room
Our class offers couples a place to come hear the truth of God and mine the riches of His Word together. From a relational perspective, we always seek to point the class to the Bible as our authority for Christ-centered living.

Care Groups

Care Groups is a ministry of the Connections Class designed to bring couples and families together for Christian fellowship outside of church. Members of the Sunday school class, as well as those who are not able to attend class due to other ministries during the 9:30 hour, are welcome to be a part of Care Groups. Leaders have been assigned to coordinate quarterly get-togethers and to pray consistently for each family.