Our Father’s Heart Cancer Care Ministry was born out of a burden to serve and encourage God’s people who are battling cancer. This special program was developed through the Our Journey of Hope cancer care ministry and seminars offered by the Pastoral Care Department of Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL.

About Our Program

We reach out to those we minister to through phone calls, cards of encouragement, and pre-scheduled visits. Our ministry team participants are trained in understanding and discerning the needs of patients and their families and how to best meet those special needs.

Research shows that spirituality and religion play a vital role in helping people cope with cancer, both mentally and physically. The benefits include: reduction of stress and anxiety, promotion of a more positive outlook, and a strengthening of your will to live.

We count it a very special blessing to be a part of serving those in their challenge with this illness. If you would like us to pray for you or a loved one who is battling cancer, please submit a prayer request here.

For more information on this ministry, please contact the church office:

(419) 866-0773